The administrative dept. has the double aim of ruling the administrative relationship among associations, members and clients, and offering services of its own competence to Clients all over the world.

We can rely on the cooperation of a team of lawyers specialized in all matters concerning civil and commercial right to supply legal and administrative advice in the stipule of each kind of contract, focusing particularly on international and local rules, with the aim to enable the Client to move easily throughout an international scenario without worries of knowing or decoding the rule aspects of a "new deal". This need arose strongly in the last few years, that is to say from the moment in which the markets opening caused an incredible circulation of goods and services at trans-national level, forcing more than a company to de-localize production, logistic, marketing and sale. Facing the challenge of international markets is a must today that leads to full compliance to all international rules as well as to acceptance and respect of the local regulations of the countries involved in our operations.

Our mission is therefore to focus on the bureaucratic side of the operation and help the client out with the involved customs and fiscal rules.

Operating abroad may involve the constitution of a new Company, a participated Company or a Holding. Studio Torri offers the highest skills in buying or constituting on and off shore companies all over the world, handling bank positions concerning the activity abroad, surveying the possibility of opening all the bank accounts necessary to the Company’s activity and sorting out all kind of administrative and financial managements. In one word, our goal is to deliver a turnkey solution without the client even needing to move from his office desk!