Small Caps

smallcap    Developing the Research and Communication Department made us touch base with yet another aspect of the reality of emigrated managers having to consider not only specific demands concerning their activities but also those concerning their personal living and familiar economy having to face, for instance, the problem of a foreign language: hence our decision to be assisted by interpreters to help the consultants during their activity, in contact with all emigrated workers and managers.

Our Studio offers, through our Milan headquarters, professional services also to this category and specifically:

ADMINISTRATIVE DEPT. Legal and administrative advices in contracts-stipule, in the opening and managing of Societies, in the opening and management of bank accounts, trust representation, bookkeeping administration, revision and certification of balances, fiscal advice.

COMMERCIAL DEPT: Assistance in sale of properties, commercial and industrial Societies, evaluations and estimations, search of new Partners, firms reorganization, location contracts.

FINANCIAL DEPT: Analisys, investments assistance with all banks, insurances, guarantees, financings and loans, managing of all financial relationships with the main Credit Institutes in the world, factoring and forfeiting operations.

RESARCH AND COMMUNICATION DEPT: Analysis of all economical and juridical problems with participation of the main international researchers also on specific themes and on client's request. Coordination of communication worldwide and organization of workshops and conferences.