Research & Communication

research    Analysis of economic and law problems with participation of the main international researchers -even on specific problems - on mandant's request. Coordination of communications worldwide and organisation of workshops and conferences.

The searching activity comes from a need of steady updating of Associates and correspondents of the Studio. Therefore we made available to our Clients the intellectual heritage of our

Researchers, giving everybody the opportunity to take advantage of the results of those activities within a very short time, using also multi-media channels.

The communication activity is a consequence of the first one but it sees a particular development by side of the other Departments activities: interpreters and translators qualified as sworn-experts by Chamber organisms, are at Client's disposal to reach a global communication with language borders.

The activity of search and communication expresses itself in the best way in a press report with comments of our technicians available for our Clients to achieve what fits them better, also through the web.

Communication is also meant to give total transparency on the developments of the task activities. Every Mandator will be given a password in order to have constant feedback on all details concerning the activity carried out on his account.

Special Events may also be organized upon request of the Client, hosting the major experts to discuss and evaluate the technical themes of topical interest.