trade    Assistance in sale transactions defines this department. In any case this assistance won't be the one of a broker but it will always belong to a relationship of trust representation. The Client will find here the best skills of our Associates for the estimation and evaluation of the business concerned. Being commercial and merchandising sectors very dissimilar ones, a clear distinction is required hence the division into three main groups: Real property, Industrial, Raw Materials and Semiprocessed Derivates.

As far as real properties are concerned, we can offer skilled assistance in search, estimation and negotiation, by care of professionals at your complete disposal, able to project and to handle the realization of the best solutions outlined by you.

An industrial commercial Company can allow you to make the best out of your managing undertaking: nevertheless it is important to keep in mind that the successful outcome of such an operation depends on many aspects such as, among others, location and analysis and purchase of participation of juridical person in any country. This is why a staff of professionals will be at your side during each step of those activities, also producing evaluations which can always be certified and opposed to thirds in any context, as made by registered and qualified people.

The activity of this Department is based on the search of New Partners and constitution of Joint Ventures. However, when a strong re-organisation is required, extra help is needed: that is why our Clients can rely on qualified specialists and managers which can be hired, to allow them to face markets with new competitiveness saving all expenses of possible risks, binding them to the proposed objectives. These solutions appear to be particularly inviting when you find yourself in a start up phase or when you have to cope with a particularly difficult moment and the specific skills as the overall view of the intervention begin to vanish or to disappear due to the difficulty of the problem itself and/or for the subjectivity which dims the ability of seeing the solutions which could really be the best ones.

In the activities of Raw and Semi-Processed Materials we are able to offer the professionalism of those who are specialized in Buy and Sell at disposal of industrial Groups or important Traders: in every moment with ability to structure balanced Sell and Buy relationships and to know how to find the most interesting subjects from whom to buy or to sell to, can make the difference in dealing with this activity.